Friday, March 17, 2017

National History Day Self Reflection

       For National History Day, my group made our project on Nelson Mandela, the first black president of South Africa. He stood for equal rights for both black and white people in his home country, seeing as people of color were widely considered the "dirty citizens." Here is a link to the information we put on our board.
       I like the way our board looked (probably because I did most of it.) Our papers were neatly backed, and we had a handful of good sized pictures. Our exhibit's background was neat, too, and I'm not just saying that because I painted it. It's neat, organized, and not too ugly.
       I'd say the most interesting thing I learned was that even though colored people were the natives of South Africa, they were still being discriminated. White people seem to leave a hate-fueled path everywhere. The Native Americans went through the same thing that the South African natives did, except the hatred towards South Africans subsided much later. It really caught my attention because we, as humans, are really, really sucky. Most of us hate people just because they've been more exposed to the sun.
       The hardest part of this project was doing the stupid bibliography. I've hated bibliographies in the past, but now, since I had to ANNOTATE THEM, I despise them. It's frustrating and time consuming and so EXTRA. It's like, okay, we used this website- now WHY did we use this website? Okay, we got facts from it. That's... it. We had to expand "we got facts from it" to four whole sentences. And I still barely understand primary and secondary sources. They're just... sources. Words and pictures. Big deal.
       I improved as a learner because this project showed me that sometimes, you really can have too much facts. We barely avoided the 500 word limit. I also learned all sorts of fancy project terms, and how to make it seem like I'm NOT stressing when really I have mascara and tears running down my face constantly. This project was very, very hard to do, and now that I'm done with it, a simple slideshow seems like child's play.
       Between now and History Day, I'd like to improve some of the things on our board. Our title is very crooked, and some of our placements are... questionable. I'm not saying our board is ugly, I'm just saying she has a few issues. We all have quirks.
       When it comes to this whole project, I'm proud of not just how hard my group worked, but how hard every group worked. We all made it through this. Everyone worked incredibly hard (with only a few distractions) and we're all done.
       Our project relates to the History Day theme (taking a stand in history) because Nelson Mandela stood for the rights of his people. We worked incredibly hard, and protested peacefully. He didn't bring out any weapons, and still managed to put an end to the hateful government. He's still an icon of peace, power, and inspiration.
       To future students that have to do this project, please don't mess around (too much.) You'll put your sanity and Mrs. Edlin's sanity at stake. And if you're doing am exhibit, don't buy a tiny, trashy board from Walmart the day you need to have your painted board at school. Don't follow in our footsteps.

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